At Vape-Tronix we pride ourselves on sourcing only the finest pharmaceutical grade

components available today! Our liquids are made in house and mixed when you place

your order. Try us for a pleasurable Vaping experience that is clearly different!


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About Us is the manifestation of owner David Robinson’s lifelong aspiration to bring to the masses a healthy alternative to smoking.

     From his days as a child working on the family farms in Virginia and North Carolina, cultivating only the finest American tobacco, Dave unknowingly developed a relationship with this heavenly leaf.  The grandson of a sharecropper, he learned the basics of irrigation, picking and the curing processes.  Some of Dave’s fondest memories are of his family bringing their product to the market.  The aroma of fresh cured tobacco displayed on large burlap sheets filled the air of multiple tobacco warehouses in South Hill, Virginia.  The fever pitch of bidding on the sweetest smelling tobacco excited and intrigued him.  After all, in Mecklenburg county, tobacco was king and Philip Morris was its prince.

     Once Dave was of legal age to smoke, he did, and continued to do so for many years. While working out of town on a hot California day in august of 2008, Dave discovered the pen-style e-cigarette.  That day he went from analog to digital and was able to put down cigarettes for good.  He has been smoke free ever since.  During the initial period, the problem was that the only e-liquid he could acquire was substandard, plaguing him with headaches and throat irritation; he knew he could do better.  Armed with knowledge acquired from an extensive collegiate background in organic chemistry, he started the painstaking task of acquiring sources for pharmaceutical grade components in their purest form.  After this arduous task was complete, he began mixing his own e-liquids.

     This brings us to the present day.  Dave has decided to bring his custom vapor to the masses.  Every bottle of e-liquid is made to order and there is no premixing at vape-tronix.




“Butcher Robinson (Right), and family, tobacco farming at Gold Leaf.”